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. headingum toward eastern massachusetts. -- heading up toward eastern massachusetts. offshore, they still have a hurricane warning out for cape cod. may see tropical storm force winds later tonight. for us, out west, it's going to bring us a big change. a nice weather pattern shaping up for the weekend. let's take a look at the last track we had coming in for earl. still a category 1 storm. doesn't look like those winds will impact cape cod. but they could see some tropical storm force winds, as the system continues to evolve. it will weaken as it moves up toward eastern canada, running toward the very cold waters up there. yeah, that's where the waters are. temperatures in the water, only in the upper to low 50s. clouds moving out across the region. and looks like a great setup for the weekend. tim in the outback, with a look at the current advisories for the weekend. >> a picture says a thousand words. and you saw in adam may's picture, how the waves are really crashing into the beach there in ocean city. that is the reason now that we have a coastal flood statement. basically, a specia
. basically up toward eastern massachusetts. that's where they're going to see heavy winds and rains tonight. for us, a front out to the west. going to clear things out. it's already very warm right now. but we've got a great weekend shaping up. take a look at the latest track as it moves away from the region. the 5:00 report in just a moment ago. category 1, barely with winds of 81. moving quickly off to the north and northeast, at 22 miles an hour. it's going to cross very close to eastern cape cod and eventually to nova scotia. you can see them beginning to shrink as it moves up north and northeast in our region. dryer conditions coming up. updates coming in. tim williams has the latest on any advisories which have just been lifted. >> they had issued tropical storm warnings. because the impact were impacting, of course, the delmarva. but now, as bob mentioned, as of 5:00, those warnings have been lifted. what you're seeing now we're seeing clear conditions, watches and watches and warnings, including tidal concerns. and wind conditions. winds are calming down a little bit. wuit means 12
eastern massachusetts but other than that we're looking much much better here all tracks taking earl further out to sea. other weather focus is the 3 day weekend. many of us with a three day weekend. you can see earl pulling away, cool front coming in. this would have been the bigger weather story without earl because this is going to usher in some much cooler air. breezy day tomorrow with the front coming through. earl pulling outgoing to he mean a day we could see wind gusting 20 miles per hour. sun will be back out but behind this front much cooler air rolls in and we're talking about upper 70s tomorrow and a night in the mid 50s tomorrow night. we'll keep a few clouds around with the front passing we'll see decent sunshine especially sunday and monday a lot of sun. 65 tonight partly cloudy. a little breezy out. tomorrow we're talking about 78 clearing sunny quite breezy though and again much cooler. 55 as you head out for your saturday festivities. holiday weekend we're talking about 70s and sunshine back. so much milder conditions throughout. >> thanks a lot wyatt. you tried to
cod. putting a lot of rain down in eastern massachusetts. windy, big surf. as we take just a little different perspective you can see the unique color patterns here. the darker red with the deeper convection with the storm even when it's with in 200 miles of ocean city. this is the -- he we haven't had a well defined eye since it was south of the hip. ocean city 76 but up to 80 earlier. check out the peak wind gusts. 41 miles an hour down at the beach. some pretty high winds. again most of the beaches now clearing up nicely tonight. we will still see big surf but overall things looking up in that direction. the hurricane track pulling it further and further away from us. that is good news. it'll eventually get wrapped up into the northern territories of canada there and become just a big rain maker well north into the atlantic. as we check out the watches and warnings left not many. they are mainy tropical storm watches, it's worth recapping. just one last time a look at the size and scope and power of what was once a category four hurricane but as so often happens as it worked in t
the storm as a weakened earl churns toward eastern massachusetts. corey and his father spent the day boarding up his shop in chatham. >> living in new england the weather is unpredictable. i'm hoping it will pass with high winds and not much damage were what with earl losing steam they did not order evacuations but they want residents on nantucket, martha's vineyard and the cape to take precautions. >> encourage folks to hunker down, stay safe in your home or hotel wherever you are staying. >> reporter: chris has in qualms about facing earl with his daughter. >> i'm just worried i won't sleep tonight. that's all. >> reporter: because of the wind. >> because of the wind and rain. >> reporter: the brunt of earl is expected to arrive after dark. forecasters expect high surf, rip currents and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun off the coast. heavy downpours caused flooding on the outer banks and thousands locke lost electricity but no injuries reported. this storm chaser traveled to cape cod to see earl up close. >> i was going to no
. eastern massachusetts is bracing itself. >> the threat to the public remains through tonight. >> the governor says they're prepared. utility crews are at the ready. the state even recruited inmates to fill sandbags. >> we have gone from 3 to a category 1 hurricane. >> reporter: this is the strongest hurricane to threaten new england since hurricane bob killed 20 people in 1991. the worst of earl is expected to hit here, cape cod, massachusetts. recently named one of the top ten labor day december nargss. the popular resort area has a year-round population of more than 200,000 people. the island normally swells by 50,000 this weekend, but the chamber of commerce says they've lost about 10% of that to earl. jordan waited until this morning to evacuate. >> we just didn't feel like it was safe, just in case they close the bridges to the cape. >> reporter: now, the bridges remain open to the main land. they'll only close if the winds exceed 70 miles an hour. but david, that's still very possible. >> we see the fog rolling in there. linsey davis, thank you. >>> this morning, we wok
and then as it moves closer to eastern massachusetts, still could see a couple of inches of rain, tropical storm force winds most certainly and some storm surge so we're not done with the storm yet but the good news is looks like it's not going to be that worst case scenario that we were all fearing. gretchen, mike, peter, back to you. >> all right. mike's speechless. he's wondering what your secret is. >> i'm very scared about janice's secret. >> we love mike so much. such a pleasure to see you. >> great to see you. >> very true. let's head out to rick leventhal who we also love. he's in montauk, new york where the storm will be moving on in. what's the conditions on the beach there, rick? >> i want to show you the most beautiful conditions we've seen so far out here. look at that sky! it's just turned pink and red. it was a little blue earlier and look at that! i mean, it's just so dramatic. and i haven't seen anything like this in a long time and it's usually when you see a red sky or a pink sky like that, it usually signals the oncoming of a big storm. and, you know, fortunately for montauk on
to the most eastern part of massachusetts. that means the storm is threatening more than 1100 miles of the east coast and 32 million people. but the big story this hour, a new forecast has ramped up concerns for new england. 19 years ago hurricane bob did serious damage to new england as a category 2 storm. the national hurricane center now says earl may pull a repeat performance. meteorologist janice dean has the breaking news live from the fox weather center. this is new? >> reporter: it is, and it could affect a lot more people as you mentioned, megyn, that is an incredible number. tropical force winds can knockout power to thousands of people. hurricane force winds almost a hundred miles away from the center of the storm. even if this storm does not make a direct hit on the coastal carolinas, cape hatteras or even cap cod and the islands we are still dealing with a ferocious storm that is going to affect a great deal of people. here is earl, fiona could brush bermuda this weekend. we're talking about gaston that will become a hurricane and perhaps affect the caribbean next week.
the way to maine. >> eastern long island and massachusetts are next in its path. and will face hurricane conditions within 24 hours. sam leads our team of correspondents, live from the storm zone. >>> also breaking overnight, a suspicious package grinds miami's airport to a halt. the bomb squad called in, as thousands of travelers are evacuated and a suspect is arrested. >>> and not again. another oil rig explosion in the gulf, flinging 13 oil workers into the water. an eerie refinder of the deadly bp disaster. what went wrong this time? >>> you see the surf there. hello, everyone. we hope you're set for a fun labor day weekend. robin is starting hers a little early. it's nice to have elizabeth vargas here with us. welcome back from your vacation. >> thank you. we left as the sea was churning. you could see hurricane earl. >> it's going to define labor day weekend for so many on the east coast. 26 million in its path right now. luckily, for a lot of us in the northeast, it's losing some of its steam. it's now a category 2 storm. we're going to show a live picture of virginia beach. the s
beach for a while longer. but the big -- well, the big concern will be eastern massachusetts, cape cod and that coast of maine. george? >> okay, sam. thanks. >>> we're back at the smart screen right now. we want to use google earth to give you a little better sense of the winds being created by this hurricane and the storm path. the highest force winds are that purple, about 100 miles per hour, right near the eye of the storm. then, it spreads out to tropical storm winds in the gray and yellow. you see as we move up the coast, as sam was saying, when you get up to massachusetts again, the red is going to hit. the red and the purple has a good chance of hitting massachusetts, as the storm moves up the coast. we want to show you where the storm has already hit. it's creating storm surges. down in north carolina, you see this stretch of highway 12 between frisco marina and scotch bonnet marina, has been closed, by eight feet of storm surged. that highway has been closed. steve osunsami is just up the coast from there in nags head, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning, george. this mo
hurricane force winds, though cape cod, nantucket and martha's vineyard and perhaps eastern massachusetts tropical storm force winds, as well. so the effects for us, it does appear that there will be perhaps near tropical storm force winds here across much of the lower eastern shore in this green zone and it will be wet, too, with passing very heavy downpours as bands of heavy done pours oig come in from the atlantic over the eastern shore. but areas generally west of the bay should stay dry as this storm system does go by. now, the wider view for what will be happening here locally next couple of day, we've got this big area of high pressure that's been locked in place that's giving us the hot, dry weather. it will eventually phase, though, as earl approaches and, again, it does appear that earl will stay off the coast, main effects of the storm, strongest winds and heaviest rains off the coast, but we h have perhaps some inland effects. so for this afternoon, it will be sunny, moderate humidity, and poor air quality by midafternoon as the stagnant air will still be in place. so if you h
and the islands of eastern massachusetts. >> another big story we're watching tonight, the face-to-face talks between netanyahu and abbas. the talks wrapped up this afternoon, but they're already talking about getting together again. there's also word in that hamas is planning to join forces with ten other militant groups to attack israel. how may they help the peace negotiations? >> well, it could have various impacts on the talks. one or two attacks, as we saw, for instance the attack against four israeli settlers killed four days ago, the leaders can say we're not going to let the extremists dictate the agenda. if hamas is in fact joining forces with 11 other militant groups to continue to try to derail the peace process by killing settlers and mounting other attacks, then we may see a real issue, john. >> and, when you have the two leaders saying they'll meet again in a couple weeks, is that a sign of progress, or just that they've agreed to keep meeting? >> well, in fact, after the negotiations were over the two leaders parted way i asked one of the negotiators what's going on now. he sa
to look and feel better with the help of personal trainers. >>> hurricane earl has eastern massachusetts from in its cross hairs. the governor has declared a state of emergency. residents have been asked to leave low-lying areas. randall pinkston is in chatham, where people who live on cape cod are getting ready. cape cod residents are making final preparations to ride out the storm as a weakened earl turns toward massachusetts. corey and his father spent the day boarding up his shop in chatham. >> living in new england the weather is unpredictable but i'm hoping it will pass with not much damage. >> they want residents on nantucket, martha's vineyard an the cape to take precautions. >> we encourage folks to hanker down an stay safe in your home, your hotel wherever you are staying. >> chris has no 0 a -- no qualms facing earl the brunt of earl is t expected to arrive after dark. they expect wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun up the coast. and thousands lost electricity, but no injuries are reported. forecasters dropped some warnings
is continuing to make its way up towards nantucket and eastern sections of massachusetts. it has winds of 80 miles an hour. it is a category one hurricane. the winds are gusting 25-30 miles an hour from atlantic city of to new york city. the outer tip of long island has 16 mile an hour winds. the same at provincetown in cape cod. it is going to pull away from our region and what we expect tonight is a cold front that will usher in some beautiful labor day weekend weather. so far, so good. we look forward to a fantastic weekend, which is good news for the folks down at ocean city. lowell melser has been down there for a couple of days. as long as the storm stays offshore, that will take hurricanes like that. >> the storm was at its height here between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 this afternoon. we saw a little bit of light rain and winds averaging 23 miles an hour with gusts of 45 miles an hour. the cirque -- surf at 8-12 foot waves. as we predicted, they dodged a bullet here at ocean city. >> i thought it would be a lot worse, i really did. we came down here for vacation and we have been down here f
island, dream long island and eastern massachusetts as we go through the afternoon. as far as the waves go, it was so big yesterday it created these huge swells that are now crashing onshore, we had 15-foot waves just off the jersey shore and 13-foot waves off of montock. this was a huge storm, it churned up the water and now those waves are coming ashore. here's the fishing path, we don't want to forget our friends up there in canada, they are likely to see a landfalling tropical storm about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the bottom line is a glancing blow from a storm that once was a beast and now barely a hurricane. >>> a short time ago, officials lifted the evacuation order for dare county, north carolina, it was enough to cause flooding and power outages to thousands of people. considering that earl was a category 4 storm just yesterday, north carolina's governor says it could have been much worse. 12k >> we dodged a bullet, purely and simply, north carolina has dodged a bullet and we are glad that storm is out of our state. happy labor day weekend, it will be for north carolina. >> r
and then up towards eastern massachusetts and rhode island, as well as connecticut, friday evening, then towards maine, and we're still getting a clip here for cape cod and the islands. then by saturday, it really should be making its way up to eastern canada. precip, we could see a couple of inches on top of what we saw for portions of eastern north carolina, and the heaviest of rain really for new england and eastern long island, but the good news is we've downgraded the storm, so obviously, this is not up to date, so we're down to a cat one, but the track is basically the same, just brushing eastern massachusetts. so we could still see a big hit from the hurricane across this region and we're going to have to monitor that, but the good news is the storm is weakening and it's moving quickly, you know, so we can just cross our fingers jenna. that's the best case scenario and we'll all have a fantastic labor day weekend once earl is out of here. jenna: that sounds perfect, that's the way we want to end the weather report. i know you've got to get back and check those hurricane repo
and eastern sections of massachusetts. there is good and bad news for the rest of the tropics. fiona has weakened to a tropical depression. as a trek across bermuda tomorrow morning, it should just be a gusty rainstorm -- as its tracks across bermuda tomorrow morning. gaston is starting to reorganize in there could be some definite thunderstorm activity. the hurricane center is going to keep an eye on that. there's more activity now toward africa. here in baltimore and has been dry. we have not had any of those tropical rains. the last time we had measurable rain was back on august 23. we did hit the upper 80's to low 90's. a hint of cool air coming into the west. mchenry has dropped to 60 because of a cold front coming in. the front is now going to come through here in the early morning hours and usher in fall- like air for the last big weekend of summer. we'll start with mostly clear skies. gusty winds coming in, the lows down in the 60's tomorrow morning. as the front works its way off the coast, it keeps earl moving away and brings in this high pressure. 63 in detroit, cincinnati is
was it moved right over coastal areas of rhode island and also eastern portions of massachusetts and cape cod, and right up the coastal areas of maine. that's what caused all the damage. if earl stays offshore like this, it's not going to be as bad as bob. all it's going to take is a little bit of a shift to the west, and we could have a lot more damage than what is anticipated. >> david bernard, appreciate the insight, thanks, tonight. now to a scare in the gulf of mexico. at first, it seemed eerily reminiscent of the b.p. disaster. an oil platform exploded and burst into flames today. about 100 miles off the louisiana coast forcing the crew into the water. but that is where the similarities end. end. don teague is in houmla. >> good evening, erica. it was a frightening scene but with a much different outcome than the deepwater horizon tragedy. there was no loss of life and so far we're told there is no oil leaking into the gulf. the first calls for help came at 9:19 this morning when works, or a neighboring rig and helicopter pilots spotted fire aboard an offshore platform called vermilion
warning has been issued for the southern coast of massachusetts as people all along the eastern seaboard are bracing for the arrival of earl. president obama ordered federal agencies to coordinate relief efforts. the governors of north carolina virginia and maryland have already declared states of emergency. the category 4 storm is expected to make landfall in north carolina tonight with winds nearing 140 miles an hour and then move north from there. continental, airtran and delta are allowing passengers booked in and out of airports affected by hurricane earl to change the travel plans without having to pay a penalty. del dah's weather advisory is encouraging customers, in fact, to consider postponing or rerouting the travel to avoid possible inconvenience at east coast airports. they warn some flights may be delayed or cancelled due to storm conditions. >>> 8:41. we've been telling you about our breaking news. there's been another oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. we're hearing people are in the water. we have few details but we'll give you an update. >>> and the candidates
of the worst weather, right over the edge of the cape and eastern massachusetts. so, we'll be watching this very carefully this morning. robin? george? >> sam, thank you. we'll be checking with you a lot. >>> north carolina's neighbors up the eastern seaboard, also watching and waiting. that's where we find john berman, on eastern long island this morning. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the storm isn't due to pass by these parts for a couple days. but already today, they'll start moving these cans and chairs off these beaches. anything that might fly away. there is a sense of urgency here, with officials practically begging the public to pay attention. it throttled parts of the caribbean. and now, it threatens a huge swath of the northeast. emergency command centers are switching into high gear. >> we're watching it like a hawk, day by day and hour by hour. >> reporter: why? take a look at suffolk county, new york. 900 miles of coastline, nearly 1.5 million people. the blue area shows how a storm like earl could bring coastal flooding to a huge swath of people if
very close to nantucket and the eastern part of massachusetts. let's get to bill karins tracking where the storm is going. category 1 hurricane can cause flooding and wind damage. >> if it was to come straight into long island, yes. it won't. it goes off the coast and contessa talking to me yesterday about why don't people prepare and evacuate? because we get storms like this occasionally and call underachievers. they do less than we're expecting and people that evacuated probably spent money for hotel rooms and saying i did that for this? every storm is completely different. some overachievers and those catch you off guard. analyze what's going on with the storm. not a lot on the coast. the winds at 28 miles per hour. all of the strongest wind and rain just offshore and most part remain there during the storm so it's not much worse on the maryland shore. jersey shore, something similar. rain bands but the worst of the storm out off the coast so i mean, would be surprised to get any sustained tropical storm winds and let alone wind gusts to 40 to 50 miles per hour. hurricane warnings d
's track up to the northeast. you can see the fan forecast and window movement coming across eastern areas in massachusetts and connecticut. they have hurricane warnings up there. or you can look at it this way, 320 miles east of north carolina. it will make a pass over cape cod, nantucket area at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the bands wrapping around virginia beach. north carolina there, we are seeing the rain right here locally. off to the east, ocean city as you heard chris say earlier, not a lot now. there will be more filling in later. hampton, virginia beach all wet. most of the rain shower out of here by the time we get to late afternoon and early evening. there's cape may point, again, with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. outer banks, north carolina, the highest wind i could see is 70 miles per hour. just over two inches of rain. it's across areas of new england could see two to four inches of rain. the temperatures were running in the 80s today. most of the weekend, we are going to see highs in the 70s across the area. a cool one for us. there's the cold front that's going to do
a mess here up into long island, eastern portions of massachusetts as it gets out of here during the late afternoon today into the daytime hours tomorrow. for us, it will get better from here. 91degrees. partly sunny skies. mostly sunny late anterior this afternoon. winds around here, breezy at times. out of the north 10 to 15 gutting to about 0 and the five- day forecast, if you want a nice weekend, you are going to love this labor day weekend. look at that. 80degrees tomorrow. 81 on sunday. 83 on monday. we will warm occupy tuesday but there is for rain in our five- day forecast other than these bands of earl that are currently touching us this morning. that is a look at the weather. let's got to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> we'll start off with the crew in sky fox and say good morning to them. they are flying high in prince george's ant county over the beltway near 202. -- they are flying high in prince george's county over the play near 202. this is northbound 95-495 at 202. we'll update the ride in virginia. it's slow go right now southbound on i-95. against th
in effect, for eastern north carolina as well as of course eastern massachusetts and, this could be the next hit from hurricane earl, not done yet. real quick, here's the path, a category 2, and there is new york, long island and you could get heavy winds, tropical storm force winds and storm surge and heavy rain and there it is, heading into the overnight, guys, cape cod and the islands and as bill and bill both mentioned earlier on, a little wobble and -- in the storm and it could be the difference from a bad storm to a really damaging one and we'll continue to monitor it, here on the fox weather center, i have my sleeping bag here... bill: make sure that is comfortable. >> we're not done yet, guys, we have more storms out there, brewing. bill: thank you, janice, talk to you later. >> okay, you bet. martha: janice, tell earl to wobble the other way! wobble east! and we have information coming from a trade group that may be having influence on the market here, we are backing off the highs of the morning, up 94 points now and the u.s. trade group says the service sector which is so important
trouble. the massive storm will likely brush eastern long island, before taking aim at massachusetts. a hurricane warning is in effect for cape cod and nantucket, which could get 100- mile-per-hour winds. >> i trust that it will be okay. i mean, we didn't board up our house. but we took everything in and followed instructions. >> reporter: federal emergency teams are already enacted in massachusetts, where the governor has declared a state of emergency. manuel gallegus, cbs news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >> and stay with wjz for the latest on hurricane earl. wjz is also on. to track the storm, get forecast updates and to see live doppler radar any time, log onto wjz.com. >>> we have a school advisory to tell you about this afternoon. west side elementary school in north baltimore is closed. school officials say the building doesn't have any power. >>> and new details on that hostage situation at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. wjz stays live on this story. mary is in the newsroom with the very latest. good afternoon, mary. >> good afternoon, jess and eve
and early morning, thank you. the greatest area of concern now outer banks of north carolina. eastern tip of long island, new york. and the coastal areas nantucket, martha's vineyard and the rest in massachusetts. those are the areas of greatest concern. here's another vary age, as the storm tracks up the -- variable, as the storm tracks up the east coast they wobble, they don't go along a straight line they wobble from side-to-side. the closer it gets to the coast the more dangerous it is going to be. one interesting thing about in storm you hear with hurricanes the wettest and most dangerous is the lower right hand quadrant where all the rain usually is. this storm has a lot of rain on the left hand side or the westside of the storm. so there may be significant rain in the delmarva on long island in new york, up into connecticut, coast of maine and certainly in the coastal areas of massachusetts. we'll be covering all of that, including live on a ship off nova scotia in a moment as our coverage of hurricane earl continues. surf picking up in the carolinas, as is the wind. millions are w
:00 up and down the eastern seaboard. experts are warning folks from north carolina to massachusetts, do not let down your guard. one in particular saying hurricanes are completely unpredictable beasts. like our senior correspondent rick leventhal live on montauk in new york's long island way out on the eastern tip. lots of people on the beach not in the water, we are hoping ricky? >> reporter: certainly not tonight. not today either scepter surfers who love this weather. they wait for storm season. the waivers were kicking up, eight feet, 10 feet or more in some cases. the officials on long island are relieved. three million people live in nassau and suffolk counties there enough time to evacuate them all. if earl, the earl of hurricanes were to hit this island, it would create significant problems for the island. instead, it seems to be jogging out further to the east and away from montauk, which is great news. again, they did close beaches today, closed them to swimming. we talked to beachgoers. we talked to a lifeguard who wasn't that impressed with earl so far, but was still keeping
's program right here on fox news channel today at 4pm eastern. a massachusetts man crippled by excruciating back pain is suddenly healed. a miracle, devine intervention or something else. the pope is weighing in. julia ban dare as filed this report. >> reporter: ten years ago a fused spinal cord wouldn't allow jack sullivan to walk let alone tend to plants in his garden. he prayed to john henry new man a 19th century catholic for help. >> i realized i i'm standing up straight. where as before i was leaning on the bed in agony. i was standing up straight with no pain. i yelled to the nurse i have no pain. >> reporter: he says the prayer was nothing short of a miracle. >> suddenly i felt tremendous heat, as if somebody opened the door of an oven. >> reporter: the vatican agrees with sullivan that the prayer to new man worked. after a lengthy investigation the pope is says to patify him new man was a convert from the anglican church of england. a second miracle will be needed in order to name the cardinal a saint. >> i think what will be very hard after the past year would be if this were to b
. there are warnings in place now from south carolina all the way up to massachusetts, covering a huge swath of the eastern seaboard. there's a chance the storm could carry on up to places like long island and even densely populated areas like boston. people watching the storm very carefully now. >> you are watching "bbc world news." still to come, enjoying people that has to avoid the bus. more on brazil's rising property market. in mozambique, the government has said 8 30 cents increase in the price of bread will not be reversed. this comes amid a second day of rights which has now claimed at least seven lives. another 280 people have been injured in the given stations against the cost of living, and water and prices have also gone up. >> the people of mozambique have been pushed to their limits. they are angry at the rising cost of living. the price of bread controlled by the government has gone up by 30%. water and fuel have also become more expensive. the result is riots on the streets of the capital. after the authorities blocked off many of the roads, the situation had been, more on t
there in the field. take you back quick to our computers. you can see it is expected to go up the eastern seaboard. the cape in massachusetts looks to be like the potential next area that could be hit the hardest after it passes through the carolinas. i want to show you quickly, a view from space. the storm system stretching over 700 miles. this is a storm to watch over the next day and a half as it rides right along the eastern seaboard. we'll have more coming up in the forecast. >>> thanks a lot. the coast guard says no oil is leaking after an explosion in the gulf of mexico. it took place about 200 mile west of the bp oil disaster. all 13 workers were rescued from the platform and have been released from the hospital. they don't know what caused the blast but they are investigating. they said the seven active production wells were shut down shortly after the fire broke out. >>> for the first time in nearly two years, the israeli and palestinian leaders met face to face today in washington. benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas agreed to meet again later this month and to put together a framework
. the massive storm will likely brush eastern long island before taking aim at massachusetts. a hurricane warning is in effect for cape cod and nantucket, which could get 100- mile-per-hour winds. >> i trust that it will be okay and i mean, we didn't board up our house but we took everything in. we followed all the instructions. >> reporter: federal emergency teams are already activated in massachusetts where the governor has declared a state of emergency. manuel gallegus, cbs news, kill devil hills, north carolina. >>> still to come for the first time in months, the unemployment rate is rising. so why is wall street celebrating? >>> a new fitness trend for children. i'm terrell brown. more kids are hitting the gym to help look and feel better with the help of a personal trainer. >>> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. we have some fog and low clouds over the coastline overnight a sign of cooler temperatures to come. we'll have your holiday forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! all gold premium mattresses 50-60%
. hurricane warnings now extend all the way up the eastern seaboard to massachusetts. the next few hours are crucial in determining what's happening for this. the outer banks heed the warning and leave. many are doing just that. here's a live look from kitty hawk in dare county. that expanded a mandatory evacuation as tourists leave as earl approaches. many are boarding up their homes and businesses. some folks have been stocking up on groceries. one of the fastest selling items, water. high demand leaving behind some empty shelves and some airlines are also taking action. air tran, american, continental, delta, waving rescheduling fees for travelers flying to and from cities along the eastern seaboard this lay dor day weekend, which also marks the end of the summer travel season. meteorologist chad myers in the cnn hurricane headquarters. there is a change in this, chad. they're saying it's a category three now. what's it mean to you? >> it's down to 125 miles an hour. the sustained winds in the eye. and a very small area. 131 is the threshold between category three and category four. s
by the time it gets up into the very chilly waters off of massachusetts and off of eastern canada. right now, the winds still at 115. but did drop down. tim has a look at the current watches and advisory for our region. >> watches and advisories are in effect to cover the extent of this wind. while the storm is passing about 150 miles offshore. the hurricane force winds extend. extend outward to about 105 miles an hour. what you see there, murn watch -- hurricane watch, meaning the conditions are possible from delaware to the tip of virginia there. 1- to 3-foot higher than average tide could be possible, just until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is when the advisory will be lifted. we'll talk about more of this in your complete updated five- day forecast coming up in a few moments. back inside. >> first warning weather coverage continues with adam may, live in ocean city, with big precautions already in effect there. adam? >> reporter: certainly, a lot of precautions now, denise. a lot of the businesses have packed up their outdoor belongings. also, at 1:00 this afternoon, the beach patrol
. ♪ >>> a hurricane warning was issued this morning for part of the massachusetts coast, including nantucket as hurricane earl bears down on the eastern seaboard. the category 4 storm is headed to the coast to north carolina with winds topping 140 mph. thousands have left. the people who stay may have to tough it out for three days without help. >> if drifts slightly to the left it will bring the hurricane across the outer banks and the sounds of north carolina. >> the national guard is deploying troops and president obama has declared a state of emergency. >> so earl picked up steam a little overnight and lost a little this morning. >> just a little. not a direct hit on north carolina but the rainman already moving to the outer banks. winds moving into north carolina. i'll talk about where else it's going to affect in a moment. outside this is why we had a spare the air day. look at that dirty air. what higher pressure does when it presses down on the atmosphere. particulates get compressed and trapped at the surface. very little wind, very little mixing and that is why we are baking today
an hour. right now mostly impacting the eastern coastal areas of the massachusetts. some of those winds have been gusting close to 40 miles an hour. some of the roads, there has been over wash with some of the surf that we have seen kicked up. there will be a rip current 4 tomorrow but this will move rapidly as it heads toward the gulf of maine and then toward the canadian maritime self the next 24 hours. and update is due for the national hurricane center at the top of the hour. i will be light again and we will give you an update. right now, "ac "360"" continues. placement >> what comes across in the book is clearly there were a lot of times and a lot of years that you just hated it. >> for sure. i always say i went from not a love/hate. it was a hate/love. i didn't learn to love -- >> did you hate it from the -- at 7 you started -- your dad started you playing? >> i started playing as soon as i was in diapers playing tennis. a ping pong racket was taped to my hand. >> literally taped it to your hand? >> literally taped it to my hand. do you really hate tennis? i think you misdirect i
massachusetts as the huge storm churns closer to the eastern seaboard. and later the president's plan "b." if the u.s. cannot broker a peace deal? time to face the pon that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know how...to start making things happen... less with our wallets... and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of updating your bathroom. with vanities starting at just 49 bucks. >>> the entire eastern seaboard is on alertd now. winds up to 145 miles an hour, hurricane earl is one of the strongest storms to ever threaten the east coast. forecasters are now broadening the areas expected to receive hurricane-forced winds. bill reid is the director of the narc hurricane center. this hurricane is getting wider, but weaker as it approaches land. what's
and is expected to weaken further as it approaches cape cod, massachusetts did the storm is causing holiday weekend headaches for some 26 million americans all along the eastern seaboard. >>> a major earthquake struck new zealand just before dawn causing widespread damage but there are only two reports of injuries. the earthquake hit the south island west of the city of christchurch at 4:35 a.m. local time. much of the damage was to brick buildings and many people were told to evacuate their homes but many left on their own. >> all my gosh, well, it lasted probably up to a minute. >> it was noisy and moved around a lot. it shook very hard and it took a heck of a long time to stop. >> police are reporting some whooping one of the aftershocks registered 5.7. they have some earthquakes each year but most are too small to be felt. >>> coast guard says that there is no evidence of an oil leak. a platform exploded and sent it still does not know what sparked the fire appeared all crews jumped into the water and were rescued through the seven balls attached to that platform have been shut down. >>
and maryland feeling the effects of earl. new york's eastern long island and massachusetts and cape cod in its sights. earl remains a powerful category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 miles an hour. >> turning to politics now. arizona governor jan brewer calls it the longest 16 seconds of her life. if you haven't seen it, when you do you will understand what she is talking about. a televised debate that happened earlier in the woke. the governor delivered her opening statement. she was at an uncomfortable loss for words. here is a look. >> i have done so much and i just cannot believe that we have changed everything since i have become your governor in the last 600 days. arizona has been brought back from its abyss. we have cut the budget. we have balanced the budget. and we are moving forward. we have done everything that we could possibly do. we have -- did what was right for arizona. >> there was a lot more to the story than just the awkward silence there. christina boomer covered the debate and also pressed the governor later on some of the claims she made about beheadings in the a
. here is a look at the storm from the weather center swirling up the eastern seaboard. nbc bay area's michelle franzen is in chatham, massachusetts, tonight, with an update on earl. >> reporter: here in chatham, massachusetts and all of cape cod, earl is just starting to move in for the night. the outer bands of heavy rain and winds, effects being felt at this hour. certainly will be throughout the night. the brunt of the storm will be felt most. the island of nantucket, that storm to the east of nantucket. will have hurricane-force wind gusts all throughout the tonight. more a tropical storm effect could be a warm nor'easter many are calling it. certainly nonetheless a serious storm that could cause a lot of damage, downed trees and possible power outages. many of the people who live here year round, as well as vacationers leading up to this labor day weekend opted to stay on cape cod. many of them on the island of martha's vineyard and nantucket. they will be hunkering down for the night riding out this storm. there are shelters activated in place ready in case others need to take
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